Teaching Materials


Introduction to evolution (evolution has no foresight) using Evolution: The Beginning
This is a great introduction to the theory of evolution.  It provides a hands-on demonstration of evolutionary arms races, adaptations,  and interspecific interactions.  This exercise also demonstrates the concept that evolution has no foresight.

The role of climate change and evolution using Evolution: Climate
This activity is a detailed dive into evolutionary arms races,  climate-species interactions, and evolutionary physiology

Connecting population genetics, demography and evolution using Biosphere and Splatche
The exercise devels into the nuanced connections between demography, distribution patterns, and genetic diversity.  This curriculum provides the opportunity to also incorporate computer demographic and genetic simulations (optional). This activity looks at the role of habitat structure and stability on genetic variation across a landscape.

The patterns and processes of historical biogeography using Bios: Megafauna
This is an ambitious deep-dive into the mechanisms that drive the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity through geological time.

Urbanization and Conservation  using Biosphere
This activity explores the dynamics of human-mediated biodiversity patterns.

Exploring ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ population ecology using Evolution: Climate
This activity explores how natural communities are organized and explores two of the most championed hypotheses 

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